When they start to make make music like us, they have become more like us.



South African Indigenous Music #decoded

Less than 160 000 South Africans access formal western music education. Indigenous music education mostly happens informally in communities. Although informal education in our communities may be the best way to learn, because then the student is closer to the tradition of the music, we can start many more people on the journey of discovery that will lead to better understanding, engagement, and then will lead to exploration of African music.

Together with Dr. Boudina McConnachie (Rhodes University) and Elijah Madiba (International Library of African Music), we will start the development of online training modules where students in South Africa, Africa, and the world for that matter, can share in our rich cultural heritage.

Our Platform

Reakopana Online is an Online Music Academy that makes music education affordable and accessible. In simple terms, it costs less. Much less! All you need is at least a smartphone and an internet connection.

Our online infrastructure allows us to walk next to our students through their journey of discovering the intricacies in music that was not possible before.

We have a state-of-the-art Learning Management System that is capable of managing any and all online learning processes.

The Modules

Two modules will be developed. Each module is about a month’s worth of informal studying. These modules will form the foundation and basis for further development. Many more will have to be developed afterwards, but we have to start somewhere and we think the beginning is as best a place as any.

The modules will be available in Reakopana Online, where people can explore and learn, with support from qualified coaches.

Timeline: This type of development has never been done before (at least not in this form). So an exact timeline is not possible, but if you contribute towards this development, you will be informed of our progress. If your contribution is substantial, you will actually be able to get special previews of content that will allow you to comment on the development.

Our Fundraising Milestones

R25 000-00 as a  first milestone. With this amount of money will be able to start the development and have something on the table to show.
R 150 000-00. With this amount of money, we will be able to complete the 2 modules and take the music world by storm!

Our Team

Dr. Boudina McConnachie is a music education specialist and lecturer of ethnomusicology, music education and Creative Arts. She completed her PhD through the Rhodes University School of Languages – African Language Studies (NRF SARChI Chair) on the integration of traditional music into the South African schooling system. She plays the flute and various African instruments and has authored two music resource books.

Elijah Madiba is ILAM’s resident sound engineer as well as an African music (practical) and fieldwork lecturer. He has completed his masters through Rhodes University and is a Afro-Jazz musician in his spare time.

Herman Theron is the director of Reakopana Online. He is a multi-media specialist, classical singer, and voice teacher. He is passionate about the development of education in music and is contributing towards laying the foundation for a more sustainable performing arts sector.

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