Elon Musk: “I don’t mind that my cars are fitted with inferior quality batteries.”




Photo: electrek.co

Imagine that the latest press release from Tesla states that Elon Musk does not care whether the batteries being produced for his new generation electric car are effective. As long as the car looks good and works well, he is satisfied.

Would this be a believable statement? Coming from Elon Musk, most definitely not. But this kind of thinking is common in the music entertainment industry in South Africa. Let me illustrate.

The industry creates massive shows. We support cross-border creative collaborations. But somehow very few people seem to care that less than 0,3% of South Africans have access to music teachers or music education infrastructure for that matter.

As long as we look good and spend our grant money well, as long as we make a little money (or a lot), we seem to feel that we have managed to deliver on our mandate.

The battery of the music entertainment industry is education. But how can our car run properly if we have a few small batteries scattered around a vast landscape that only have enough power to get the music entertainment industry around the next corner. These battery manufacturers are working hard, diligently and passionately. They are effective in their context, but isolated and don’t have the capacity to produce batteries that have the ability to power the nation.

Then there are players in the industry that go out of their way to maintain and protect the current battery manufacturers and struggle to imagine a world that is more effective and productive.

Wait, I’m almost finished with my analogy! What if we can give these battery manufacturers the technology to make many more and much stronger batteries?

But we can!

Curate educational content that is data light, affordable, interactive and immersive, and present it within online educational infrastructure that supports collaborative learning. How difficult can it be?

We are already doing it. Although it takes a lot of work, time and resources, we need a car that just not look good, but also can travel further than just around the corner.

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