Reakopana Online is very excited and privileged to announce that Mokale Koapeng is joining our ranks.

As a company that is passionate about the sustainability and growth of the music industry, Mokale will be a great addition to our cause and team.

Mokale Koapeng: “I have been teaching music for almost 35 years, and have seen a lot of students with great talent not realizing their full potential, because of a lack of access to quality education. Lack of access due to costs, location or even time. Reakopana Online is the perfect platform to give access to all. It is a tool that will help South Africa to achieve greatness in music.

Herman Theron: “ I have followed Mokale now for a quite a while and understand him to be a man of integrity and a passion for the music industry and more specifically, music education. I was ecstatic when he told me that he will be part of out team.”

Mr. Koapeng may wear many hats in Reakopana Online, but we will call him our ‘Industry Specialist’. Because that is definitely what he is.

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