It is hard to explain when one stands at the cusp of something amazing, without knowing exactly what it is going to look like in the end. You have butterflies in your stomach but you can’t quite name them yet. So I will announce it and hopefully many more will share our excitement.

Boudina McConnachie is going to “develop (an) online course (that) aims to produce a new body of African music theory lessons which hope to encompass the ideals of embodiment and revaluation that are integral to successful indigenous and traditional music lessons.”

For the non-academics like me, it means that we will finally be able to access fundamentals in African music that we can use and work with on a platform that is available to anyone.

Boudina McConnachie – PhD, MMus, PGCE, RULS. Lecturer: Ethnomusicology Department of Music; Musicology Rhodes University

“Lessons will be linked to Western musical concepts, providing opportunities to engage with Western theory from an African perspective and African theory from a Western perspective. The goal is to develop an African music canon that will benefit any type of musician interested in developing a better understanding of the musical arts in Africa, and specifically South Africa.”

Boudina will be supported by Elijah Madiba, who is the resident sound engineer at the International Library of African Music(ILAM), a Masters student at Rhodes University and an Afro-Jazz musician.

This will happen through and in Reakopana Online! We are stoked! Now let the work begin.


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