As a disclaimer up-front, I would like to state that I am a music teacher and that I make my living teaching. I respect my profession and  my colleagues.

When we started Reakopana Online a few years ago, I secretly thought that we would be the UBER of music education. We will re-write the rules with regards to what is possible in making music education accessible and affordable. Although the latter is still true, spending time working on the company and looking at our industry showed me that there isn’t much to disrupt. For us to disrupt music education, it first has to exist in some substantive form. Which it doesn’t.

Before anyone reaches for a stone or a pitch fork, I need to put something else on the table. Less than 0,3% of the South African population access formal or competitive music education. In actual numbers it means less than 160 000 of a possible 55 000 000 people. Will all 55mil choose to access music education if they could? Definitely not, but whatever math one wants to throw at it, 160 000 is like 3 drops in any big bucket.

Disrupting? There is nothing to disrupt!

What if we can cover the bottom of the bucket with water, or even raise the level with a few centimetres in the next 10 years? How many more jobs can we create for music teachers, or how many more competent musicians can we add to the industry?

Hashtag: “Just saying!”


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