Imagine a world without math…… In my mind everything just starts crumbling. Everything starts to lose its shape. It almost seems impossible to imagine, doesn’t it. Total chaos.

Now on the other hand, imagine a world without music……… In my mind everything loses colour or any form of rhythm. Even your sweethearts’ voice becomes monotone. No inflection. Language has no rhythm.

Now I give you a choice. You have to choose a world without math, or a world without music. You can’t have both. Which one will it be? To help a bit, let’s approach it this way: Will a perfectly organised world using math without any music be more bearable, than a world with no structure, but with beautiful music? It is an unfair choice to make, isn’t it?

Next scenario: We are on a reality TV show where entrepreneurs have to pitch their next big idea around education. The first contestant presents a brilliant idea around helping millions more people become math literate. On the other hand we have an equally brilliant idea on how to help millions more people become musicians. Which one do you think society values more?

It’s not supposed to be rocket science, is it?

Hashtag: “Just saying!”


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