Are you a 13 to 18 year old, have a music theory background, and have thought of, or is already composing your own music? Then we have a great opportunity for you.

In the second half of this year (2018), we will be running a short course on composition with a tantalising carrot at the end.

The course is completely online, so you can participate from the comfort of your own world. The aim is for every participant to hand in a composition at the end of  two months, which will be graded by industry professionals.

Duration of the course: 2 months (8 weeks).

Pace of the course: Every 2 weeks you will hand in some work related to the content that you had to work through. This will eventually lead to you handing in a composition that you created yourself.

Subject headings: Composition, Technology, Lyrics.

Start of course: We are aiming for the second half of July.

Genres of composition: Instrumental, Choral, Indigenous Art Song. ( If your composition falls into one of these 3 genres, your work will be considered for a prize. There is a first and second prize.)

Content Authors:
  • Composition: Mokale Koapeng
    • This part of the course is focussed on taking what you already know about music and use that to explore  composing your own music.
  • Technology: Miles Warrington
    • In this section we look at how to harness readily available technology to help with composing and compose with. This is a very important tool to have in competing in the current market.
  • Lyrics: Morne van Niekerk
    • All composers write lyrics at some stage in their lives. Whether they think they are good at it, or average, it doesn’t matter. So it is important that you understand fundamentals in putting lyrics together.

Who can participate in the Composition Course?

  • You need to be between the ages of 13 and 18 years (tertiary students are not accepted)
  • You need to have a Grade 3 theory qualification, or equivalent. (If you do not have this and you really want to participate, your music teacher can motivate for your participation.)
  • You need to hand in a 1 minute video of you playing your instrument (the video needs to be clean and audible, otherwise it can’t be accepted)
  • You need to submit a letter of reference from your teacher, or a motivational letter from yourself for participating
  • You need to create a profile for yourself in the academy

What is the Cost?

  • R500-00 (the payment need to be made before the starting date of the course for you to get access to the content.)
  • If you can’t afford the R500, your music teacher/mentor/parent/pastor can submit a motivational letter in support of your application. We will then screen the candidates. If found to match our criteria, you may participate in the course.