The foundation of the academy is built on a state-of-the-art Learning Management System called OpenOLAT. It is an OpenSource application that is developed by a company in Switzerland: frentix. It is a mature piece of software and OpenOLAT has received 
excellent reviews from the e-learning industry. Many Universities, schools and companies have deployed OpenOLAT as their choice for online training in Europe.


Our authoring tool of choice currently is Hype Pro. It is an Application developed by Tumult and gives us access to everything that Javascript, CSS and HTML5 have to offer.

Web technology is developing the whole time, but for some reason the medium that is preferred to teach online is video. For us video is a passive and expensive form of instruction, especially in resource-poor settings.

Video is only used in a supportive role and we prefer to bring students closer to the application of music theory by designing content that is interactive. We support the content with audio, gamification, tasks, challenges and real teacher support.

The content is divided into modules that allows students to focus on specific topics. Every Module ends with a Task that must be completed and submitted for grading that assist the students to actually put pen to paper.



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