Social Investment

The development of the academy is going to take time and money. Two valuable commodities in the world of a bootstrap start-up.

Luckily there are avenues of support for development:

Social Justice

For every R, $, CHF or £ we receive towards the development of the academy, we will match in finding children that want to learn but can’t afford it. So if you give us $10 000, we will invest an equal amount back into the community and be transparent about it. In this way you win, we win and children have the chance to prepare themselves to compete in the market.


There are packages available for specific exposure points in the academy. If you are interested it is likely that you would know the branding and exposure possibilities. Here we give a special shout-out to businesses in the performing arts industry. We have the opportunity to make a difference towards strengthening our industry.

Please engage with us through the contact form on the homepage, or phone us directly.

Contact: Herman Theron
+27 84 604 5229


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