What do you benefit from using Reakopana Online:

  • You do not have to spend time in your lessons on music theory
  • You can make money by giving your students access to the academy
  • Students can work in their time, supported by us
  • You just need to keep an eye on their progress, if you choose to

Through the academy we have a unique opportunity to be able to make music education accessible and affordable to people that don’t usually have the opportunity to study music. We make the boundaries for entry into the market much lower. More children and more adults can study music theory. What will happen is that economic activity in the performing arts sector will increase and that will lead to a more sustainable performing arts sector. Which means it will be easier for artists to make a living. That includes you!

So, this is our proposal:

You buy a license of R 2 500-00, that will unlock access for 5 of your students by paying R250-00 a month. Once you reach the amount of R 2 500-00, the license activates. As long as the R250-00 is being paid on a monthly basis, the license stays active. You then sell access to your 5 students for a R100-00 per student. Which means that for everyR 500-00 you get from your 5 students, you get to keep 50%.

Let’s look at the a spreadsheet version for the column and row minded people:

Let’s look at a graphic timeline for the picture people:

For more information: herman@reakopana.co.za



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