Herman Theron  - Director

Herman is the vision and passion behind the academy. He is a multi-media specialist, professional musician and voice teacher.

Dr. Albi Odendaal - Content Consultant

Albi is the academic rudder in the academy. His qualifications and passion for teaching music and technology keeps the academy on a steady course.

Annelize Pansegrouw - Content Specialist

Annelize’s qualifications and passion for teaching is undisputed, but her connection to the music industry keeps the academy grounded and relevant.

Mokale Koapeng - Industry Specialist

Mokale's experience as a teacher and composer, as well as his vast understanding of the music industry is invaluable to Reakopana Online.

Dr. Boudina McConnachie - African Music Specialist

Boudina's unique perspective, experience and passion for teaching African Music, balances what we do perfectly.

Monty Manamela  - Industry Specialist

Monty is a multi-award winning choir conductor and his passion for the growth and prosperity of the choir market is a force of nature. He gets us close to the heartbeat of music in Africa.